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Good morning, it's time for a healthy breakfast. - When did I get perverted?
Sweat it all out
Good morning, it's time for a healthy breakfast.
The alarm goes off - it's 6am. We're still naked and tangled up in each other from the fucking that left me raw just four hours ago. I can feel my pussy - aching, throbbing from the pounding that he gave me. I hit snooze.

The alarm goes off - it's 6:08. We're sticky and sweaty in the creases of our bodies and all of the places where we are touching. He presses hips lightly, suggestively, against my thigh. I brush my hand over him - he's half asleep, but already beginning to get hard. I hit snooze.

The alarm goes off - it's 6:14. I sit up, turn the damn thing off... and lay back down. He cradles me in his arms, cupping one hand over my left breast and squeezing. I run my hand down his leg, and he pushes himself against me again - more firmly, this time.

I can't stop touching him, but we're going to be late - He places his hand over the top of mine and guides me in stroking his full, thick cock. The tiniest guttural sounds come from his throat and I lightly run my fingernails along the inside of his thigh. We play this game each morning.

I cup his balls in the palm of my hand and lightly squeeze. His hand floats down between my legs. "You're getting me all wet," I tell him, (in place of "good morning!") and he runs the tips of his fingers over my moistness. "Your poor wet pussy," he whispers gruffly, breathing into my neck. "Your poor. Wet. Pussy. It needs to be fucked."

I'm still swollen, and it's now 6:25am. "We need to leave," one of us says, after several moments of fluctuating between feather light touches and firm grasping, squeezing. I start to sit up and he blocks me - it's as if we are dancing, and he lays me down on my back, rolling on top of me in the same graceful movement.

"Maybe just for a second," he says, and I smile at the familiar phrase. "Maybe just... for two... seconds..." I invite him to me with my hips.

I'm so tight from last night that I doubt for a moment if he can fit. We had literally fucked the bed away from the wall and into the middle of my hardwood bedroom floor, just a few hours ago. "You must be very, very gentle," I tell him, and he understands.

It hurts, I feel the searing pain even as he gently prods me open. I ever so slowly begin to take him in again - all of him, and he is enormous, filling me to a point where I can't and don't want to breathe anymore.The most beautiful sounds come out of him, and nothing turns me on more than his desire. Suddenly we're both slick and slowly grinding. He pushes, and he pushes, and he pushes and there is no pain...

It's as if we're rooted together, he's so deep inside of me. We're grinding our pelvic bones against each other, quickly and oh so hard... And I can feel his blood pumping and his hair is in my face and his mouth covers me and I am breathing his breath and it is clear as he takes me that I belong to him.

We're locked together as deeply as we can possibly go. We're not moving far, but we're moving hard and fast against each other, and I am hyper-aware of each of my 5 senses. I can feel my toes curling against the back of his soft calf, and my own sweat - moistening and cooling the tops of my arms as I lock them around his velvet back. He smells like Pure Sex. I can hear him sucking in his breath, and his skin tastes like copper between my teeth. I can see his angelic face as he lets me take him and it becomes clear that he, in turn - belongs to me.

He cries out and I can't get close enough to him. I want inside of him. The world is throbbing.

It is 6:55am.


We finally stumble into the shower and my knees are shaking. It's after 7am and we're both late for work. "Can we go back to bed now?" I half-joke with him as the water falls down upon our wrecked bodies. "...and fuck some more?"

"We can go back to bed." He says, solemnly. "We can go back to bed and fuck some more, and take a nap, and wake up, and fuck again." I bite my lip with the thought of such deliciousness. "We just have to make a really quick trip to work, is all." My face falls.

I'm typing this from my desk, and the mere act of sitting is painful, in that glorious, freshly fucked way. I'm still aching, I can feel his bites on my neck.

Remembering this is making me wet for him again. I will nail him to the wall tonight, swollen pussy be damned.

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