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I don't come when I have sex. Sex has never been about orgasm for me… - When did I get perverted?
Sweat it all out
I don't come when I have sex. Sex has never been about orgasm for me - First and foremost, it's been about the emotional enjoyment that comes with screwing the brains out of my lover - as well as - I admit it - sort of a private, smug-feeling victory dance due to the fact that no matter how hard my partner tries, I'm not comin'. I just... can't. Not around other people, anyway.

Most of the partners I've had during my adult sex life (you know what I mean) have been impressed by my Kink Factor. I've always been an everything-goes kind of girl. Tie me up with a guitar amp cord, facefuck me, rimjobs, role-playing, whatever - I enjoy it all. Which is why it came as a surprise to me to discover over the past few weeks that I had actually never masturbated to orgasm with a partner before. And now I feel a little bit shy - and where the hell is this feeling coming from? But I enjoy it very much, because I am with someone that I trust implicitly.

And sex is taking on a bit of a new meaning for me - coming after fucking? What's this all about?

Oh my. It's nice. Very nice.

(Not the most eloquently written, but I needed to get it out.)

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From: feral_rabbit Date: August 3rd, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC) (Link to this entry)

I liked this. I'm another person who also has sex without the expectation of orgasm which is unusual for a male (sometimes I have one, sometimes I don't). Everything works (some have said too well) but that's how I am. What's interesting is how much my partners' self esteem is tied to my "spurt". I wonder if that's been true for you also.

I love watching my sweetie masturbate! Helping her along is just as much fun.


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