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Victor / Victoria - When did I get perverted?
Sweat it all out
Victor / Victoria
After an hour or so of rolling around, sweaty, - choking, struggling rape-play, standing above me, ramming his cock down my throat as my head lolled backwards off of the mattress - I straddled him, planted my bits directly on top of his balls, and began jerking him off. I looked down at him and smiled at the illusion that I had a cock. "It's like I'm stroking myself," I said, grinding against him. He looked mildly shocked... and delighted.

"You make such a good boy*" he said to me. "Such a good boy. Let me jack you off, boy. Let me jack you off." He grabbed his own cock and stroked it hard. "Come all over me," he whispered. "I want. You. To come. All. Over. me."

I pushed and gyrated against him, both of us imagining that it was my cock he was stoking, and it was so fucking hot.

"Oh..." He said my name. "Oh... I'm coming, I'm... Oh. my. god..." And he exploded all over his own chest, and I was quivering up against him, and his eyes flew open in what looked like surprise, and he just kept saying, "Holy shit. Oh my god. Oh. Wow."

We joked, as we mopped up some spots on the brilliant red sheets, "the fish are jumpin' ship!"

We giggled and fell asleep.

This morning, after making ourselves late for work due to a mutual need to worship his penis - I simply can not praise the size, beauty and talent of this thing enough - the back of my head was a matted mess. We adjourned to the bathroom to wash the filth off of us, and he picked up a hairbrush. Ever so tenderly - ever so gently - he began to brush my hair. I closed my eyes and let him. He lovingly de-tangled every knot from my head.

I never knew that such a boring, every day task - could feel so good, and so much like lovemaking.

*changed for anonymity.

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