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"I want to tie you up." - When did I get perverted?
Sweat it all out
"I want to tie you up."
Last night I was tied up and had the shit beat out of me.

I was cockslapped across the face so hard that I worried for a moment that my face might bruise. For safety's sake, he removed my nipple rings - and then pulled on my tits so roughly that breathing just wasn't an option. He smacked my pussy until it stung, slapped me hard across the face. He fluctuated between absolutely devouring every square inch of me, and lightly kissing, caressing, speaking softly and playfully withholding his cock.

He twisted me up and had his way with me in more ways than I'd ever been ravished in my life. The look on his face was not one I'll soon forget - brutality in the eyes of someone so typically gentle - and then like magic, his face softened, and he smiled at me. "Are you okay?" he asked. I smiled back, wide-eyed, into the face of an angel. "I am okay."

He raised himself up and over me, and his body is thin, toned, and so soft.

And he kissed me so sweetly, I could feel his love for me -

And then he fucked me so hard that I can still feel it, today.

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